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5 Nature Crafts and Winter Walks for Seattle-Area Families

Connect kids and nature with these crafty adventures for fall and winter

Lauren Braden

Published on: December 08, 2022

Two girls and their dog on a nature hike in winter. They're wearing winter clothes and there's a dusting of snow on the ground

Craft and nature walk combos for Northwest kids and families

Do most birds fly south for the winter? How do leaves turn different colors? Why is every snowflake unique? If you know a little naturalist who wonders about such things, these adventures are for you.

It’s easy to see winter as the season of nature’s dormancy, a drab stretch of months with inclement weather and scant sunlight before the burst of bright blooms and birdsong of spring. But nature in winter is very much alive and it rewards curious children with its wonders. Connect with nature in its quiet season through arts, crafts and hands-on activities in the great outdoors.

Bundle up your little adventurers head to toe in layers — hats, scarves, gloves (fingerless mitts are handy for doing crafts outdoors) and warm, waterproof boots are a must. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate or tea for frequent warm-up breaks.

Use the arrows above the image to find five ways to get crafty in nature over the winter months, plus our picks for where to go, from sea to snow.

First up: land sculpture

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